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Cladding and Glazing Services

We specialise in any kind of cladding and glazing services, as well as curtain walling and drywall anywhere in England, no matter your needs and preferences. Our services are of the highest quality, ensuring the perfect price-quality ratio.

Contour Interior Design

Contour Interior Design has been founded in 2016, subsequently gaining a diverse portfolio and being able to extend its range of services and satisfy all clients’ needs.

We can undertake any kind of project, no matter its specifics, offering the best deals at the most advantageous prices.

Our extensive experience of over 2 years, various qualifications and certifications prove our professionalism in the business. Our efficient team is always ready to help you with the best services, anywhere in England.

glazing services

We have executed many projects, large and small, which have brought us major recognition in the local and national market. Whether you are looking for walling, residential or commercial services, especially cladding and glazing, Contour Interior Design is the ideal solution for all your needs.

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External Walls Services

We offer top quality services:

Clading servicesWhat is cladding? Cladding means covering a structure’s exterior with the help of a special material. It can be seen as a type of “skin” that protects the building from various hazards. It presents many advantages, such as:

-It keeps wind and rain from entering and damaging the building;

-It provides good thermal isolation;

-It makes the building soundproof;

-It can improve the building’s appearance;

-It can be made using various materials, each having its special properties (wood, vinyl, composite, etc.).

Sandwich panels are widely used for a variety of industrial, commercial and residential constructions. They are mainly characterized by their advantages. Some examples are:

-Sandwich panels give the building a higher sound and thermal insulation;

-They are completely certified to resist fire for as much as 4 hours;

-Extremely high durability;

-They can last for up to 50 years if kept under normal conditions;


What is a rainscreen system? Rainscreen cladding comprises two separate sets of panels. While the interior one is connected directly to the building, the exterior panel is placed slightly apart from the other. It’s a very efficient and flexible form of cladding, which can resist to both rain and wind. It’s usually covered with a paint or coating in order to maintain the building’s original design.

Metal Profile Cladding

What is metal profile cladding? Metal profile cladding implies using metal profile sheets, commonly used for agricultural and industrial buildings (warehouses, storage buildings, etc.).  It’s very beneficial because of many reasons, such as:

  • It gives your building a shiny, modern look;
  • It requires little to no maintenance;
  • High fire resistance;
  • It doesn’t take much time to install;
  • Highly personalisable, various colours and patterns.

Glazed balconies represent a wise and efficient long-term investment which can offer you many benefits, such as:

-Greatly increasing your building’s value;

-A modern, professional design;

-Greater security;

-Extremely long balcony lifetime.

Our services are available nationwide, anywhere you are in England. Whether you’re looking for small or large glazed balconies, we’ve got you covered with the best deals at any time. We ensure a perfect price-quality ratio for any service we provide, striving to exceed your expectations as efficiently as we can.

glass balconies We offer glass juliette balconies and glass balustrades nationwide, anywhere in England, at the best prices. No matter if you’re looking for someone to undertake a small or large balcony project, we will always provide you with the best deals.

Glass juliette balconies and balustrades present a ton of advantages. The main ones are:

-Glass gives you the feeling of having more space, thus making your balcony more spacious;

-Your balcony will look modern and clean;

-You will benefit from all natural light because it will not be blocked by the glass;

-Durability and strength – glass can be a very durable material.

Residential and Commercial  Services

We also offer best quality residential and commercial  services:

DryliningDrylining (also known as drywalling) means cladding the internal structure of a building with the help of plasterboard. The name drylining derives from the fact that it only requires a small amount of water compared to traditional plastering. Its main advantages are:

-It’s faster to install, saving your time considerably;

-It doesn’t weigh as much as wet plaster, which results in a lighter construction;

-It improves thermal insulation;

-Extra fibres can be added to improve strength and durability;

-Plasterboard is available in a ton of different options (different lengths, thicknesses)

painting servicesThroughout time, both interior and exterior walls inevitably lose their colour’s intensity and brightness. When that happens, it could be time for a complete change. Our painting services will refreshen your building, completely changing its atmosphere, especially if the wall’s hue is different than the one it was before.

Wall colour is important, depending on the room’s designation. For example, in a living room, colours should be as lively as possible (pastel colours are recommended, as well as white) and for a study room, they should stimulate your focus (for example, green is efficient for studying). For additional advice regarding the right colour for your project, as well as to inquire about our services, you can contact our professional team at any time via our Contact page.

floor tiling servicesWhat is tiling? Tiling implies installing tiles, no matter their material, on a building’s floor or walls. Installing tiles, no matter if it’s in your kitchen or bathroom, offers you the following benefits:

-Tiles will last for a very long time, potentially for a lifetime;

-It requires less maintenance than other types of flooring;

-It helps the environment.

Whether you’re looking to get your kitchen or bathroom’s floor tiled, we offer you the best floor tiling services nationwide, anywhere in England. For the most professional and cost-efficient tiling and floor tiling services, contact Contour Interior Design Ltd now!

floor tiling servicesFlooring is a very important aspect of your home, which means that you must be careful when choosing the right team to undertake your flooring project. With over 2 years of experience in the flooring domain, a dynamic, experienced and professional team, the most modern equipment and dedication for our work, we’re always ready and eager to make your dreams come true.Our services are available nationwide, anywhere you are in England.

Whether you’re looking for small adjustments or completely changing your floors, we’ve got you covered with the best deals.

house extensionsHouse extension services can be beneficial whenever you feel like you don’t have enough space for all your needs. It implies creating additional rooms, which can then be turned into anything (personal gym, kitchen, extra bedroom, etc.). As time goes on, more and more people resort to house extensions because they feel that the space they have doesn’t suit all their necessities.

When looking for the right team to undertake your house extension project, you’re always looking for the highest quality at the fairest prices. We are aware of this fact, which is why we’re ready and eager to help you extend your house the most advantageous way on the market

Whether you’d like to renovate your commercial, residential or industrial space, we are able to offer the best deals for the highest quality. House refurbishment is a long-term investment, which is why you must be careful before choosing the right team for the job. You’re looking for the most professional company that has experience in the house refurbishment domain. We represent the best choice for your project, disposing of over 15 years of experience.

Our services are nationwide no matter where you are in England. We constantly improve our company by investing in new technologies, thus extending and honing our wide range of services. We also buy new equipment whenever we can, thus proving our punctuality and efficiency.


Our Qualities

There are many core qualities that make our company unique and advantageous. Such qualities are:


I can safely say that Contour Interior Design is the best company in this field that I have worked with. No matter what service I required, they were always quick to satisfy all my needs.

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I have worked with Contour Interior Design and I can highly recommend this company and its team for any kind of project. The team was very organised and efficient. 5 stars!


This company has completely blown me away with its professionalism and punctuality. Very experienced and efficient team. I can’t recommend this company enough!

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