Rain screen Services

When thinking about the perfect cladding for your building, you’re thinking about the optimal protection.

Although other forms of cladding might offer some protection against natural hazards, such as wind, you can’t go wrong with installing a rainscreen for your building.

What is a rain screen system?

Rain screen cladding comprises two separate sets of panels. While the interior one is connected directly to the building, the exterior panel is placed slightly apart from the other.

It’s a very efficient and flexible form of cladding, which can resist to both rain and wind. It’s usually covered with a paint or coating in order to maintain the building’s original design.

Rain screen systems present many advantages. Some of them are:

  • Weather-proof, preventing damage due to air and water hazards;
  • Provides functionality without harming the building’s appearance;
  • Endless design possibilities.

We offer rainscreen services nationwide, no matter where you are in England, at the most competitive and advantageous prices.

No matter if your building is small or large, with one or multiple storeys, we are always ready to help you with the best rainscreen services on the market.

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Rain screen cladding can be created from metal sheeting, for example, aluminum, tempered steel, zinc, copper , or can be a shaped from metal composite materials (MCM) which comprise of two skins of metal, (for example, aluminum, or ACM) attached to either side of a lightweight center, for example, polyethylene (PE) or polyurethane (PUR), a profiled metal center or a mineral center. Different materials, for example, earthenware, block slips, stone, timber et cetera are likewise utilized.

Rain screens are for the most part financially savvy, lightweight, and simple to introduce, keep up and supplant. A few frameworks are basically ‘clicked’ onto supporting rails without the requirement for extra fixings. They can be utilized on new-form and restoration ventures.


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